Alba: the capital of the Langhe

If you love wine (who doesn’t), tasty food and breathtaking sceneries then Langhe and Roero won’t disappoint you; did I mention they have delicious truffles too!?!
I lived surrounded by these beautiful hills shaped by their endless vineyards for over 25 years and I still love to visit; my lists of things to do and restaurants to try is not even remotely completed yet so I always have plenty of reasons to come back.

Sun seeking in Alba, Italy

Since 2014 the territory of Langhe and Roero is an Unesco World Heritage site which includes five distinct wine-growing areas; I would therefore recommend to rent a car to be able to move around and visit everything.

During our holiday we stayed for few days in Alba which is considered the capital of Langhe: it’s a charming town which I saw growing together with its touristic flow. The heart of the town is Via Vittorio Emanuele but it’s better known by the local as “Via Maestra”: here you can find lovely shops, cafes and gastro boutiques filled with tons of traditional products and, of course, wine.

Piazza Duomo Alba Langhe

White flowers scent in Alba

We stayed at the Vincafè and we couldn’t have found a better spot: located in the middle of the main street it offers beautiful redecorated rooms in an modern yet traditional style. This place makes your stay very convenient as it features a caffe and a restaurant so, if you like, you are sorted food wise for the whole day. The breakfast is included and boasts a huge variety of brioches and sandwiches plus you can order eggs in any way you like them! The food is traditional and good and they serve aperitivo as well; the staff is extremely friendly and we literally loved to stay there.Swirling in Alba streets on a white dressKiss in Alba while eating al frescoal fresco dining in the Langhe

Now that you are sorted for a place to sleep I leave you some tips of what I consider the best places in the town center:
GELATO find my favorite one at gelateria Sacchero in Via Maestra, you might also want to try a Duchesse; my favorite sweet ever, made out of chocolate, butter, eggs, hazelnuts and mixed spirits. They are really out of this world!
RESTAURANT a lovely and yummy restaurant is “La Piola” located in the charming Piazza del Duomo. My favorite dishes here are “vitello tonnato” (thin slices of roasted veal served cold with a delicious salsa mixing mayonnaise, tuna and cappers) and “Ravioli al plin with sugo d’arrosto”. Above this restaurant you will find the very special 3 Star Michelin restaurant “Piazza Duomo” I never tried that one (a bit expensive…) but I heard wonderful things about it.
SHOP my favorite is absolutely “Vincenti” which offers a great selection of the best designers: it is quite pricy so I’m more of a window shopper in this case; good (and cheaper) alternatives are Match or Motivi, especially during the sales.

Ravioli al sugo d'arrosto e vitello tonnato
“Alba for me will always be the “nonni’s” (grandparents) house; the town we would go to for a guaranteed day of fun. Alba was the promise of a violet flavored ice cream in the summer and a hot chocolate with whipped cream in the winter. Alba was the Sunday lunch with the best ravioli ever and the smell of ragù simmering in the pan. This city holds so many bittersweet memories that I will forever treasure and cherish”.

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