Bye bye Switzerland

In two days I will leave Switzerland permanently and it starts to hit me that, after 4 years in this green country, it is time to say goodbye!
As many of you know already Switzerland has never won over my heart, however, I’m feeling a bit nostalgic lately. Catherine was born here and I have amazing memories of her first one and a half years here. My life has changed completely in Switzerland and I will be forever grateful to this country. I will miss all the nice expat moms that I have met here but I won’t miss the Swiss lifestyle which I find a bit too quiet for my taste ;),

I’m so excited to start a new chapter of our lives in Amsterdam, I feel so privileged that I will get to live in such an amazing city which stole my heart. Every time I land in Amsterdam I feel exactly like I felt when I used to come back to London: I feel home, I feel like I belong there and that is a priceless feeling.
I fell in love with Amsterdam the same way I fell in love with London; in fact I find these two cities very similar as they both are so vibrant and buzzy, also both cities seem to have the magic power of making you feel alive.

Being in a big city helps my anxiety so much! Being surrounded by a lot of people makes me feel free, light and positive. I’m aware that Amsterdam is not as perfect as Switzerland but I like chaos and I’m sure I will fit in very well.
Of course my head is full of doubts: will I find new friends? Will I be able to learn Dutch? … However I know one thing for sure: “once a city girl always a city girl” and therefore I will be fine!
Holland will be the fifth country where I will be living and I feel enormously blessed to have the chance of living abroad. Being an expat is not easy but it surely is extremely exciting!

Well, I hope you will keep following my adventures in Holland, I cannot wait to share my new life with you guys!



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