Ibiza: what to do in the Isla bonita

I wanted to go to Ibiza for as long as I can remember: I love party vibes, music and happy people. Plus, everyone I spoke to kept telling me with excitement how amazing the island is. THEY WERE RIGHT.
Ibiza is a special place: positivity can be felt in the air and people are having fun so everyone is relaxed. Ibiza is THE place to party but it has something to offer to everyone really. Both us and the kids loved it.
First of all, let’s point out that holidays with young kids are not quite relaxing: you see our pictures and you might think : “oh, wow, everything is so dreamy and lovely”. YOU ARE WRONG!  (lol). You see a moment, a glimpse of life behind which there are tantrums, dramas, fights and so on. I don’t like to share those moments and, obviously, I like to capture happy moments as I believe that focussing on positivity makes life more enjoyable. PLUS, once you get back home you’ll forget all the bad moments and cherish the happy memories.
We spent the first night at the Hard Rock Hotel and it was fabulous. We were welcomes with the best surprise as the receptionist told us that we’d been upgraded to a suite with our own jacuzzi in the garden! Catherine was over the moon and couldn’t wait for the next morning to go in the ‘bath’ and play. The room was very spacious and equipped with all the comforts.
The hotel is quite new and it’s absolutely beautiful: it boasts several restaurants, a spa, a beautiful beach, perfect swimming pools and the staff is very friendly.
Little guests are very welcome and can enjoy a kids pool, a playground and (Catherine was mesmerised) the breakfast buffet offers a self-service candy bar for the little ones!
They offer transfer from and to the airport and provide car seats as well. After a day there we spent the rest of the holiday at a friend’s house and I think it was the best solution for us.
The food in Ibiza is super yummy and from bars to high end restaurants there is something for everyone. We ate at home most of the time as it’s so much easier with the kids but I do have few recommendations.
You must try the bocadillo with tomato, oil and garlic (a sort of bruschetta), my favourite snack, especially if accompanied by a fresh cerveza 😉
Thanks to my friend Elena I could go to a lovely restaurant where we witnessed the most beautiful sunset. We headed to Los Enamorados: a gorgeous place with some strong Moroccan vibes. The inner garden is oh so beautiful and the food is fantastic. I had tacos with shrimps, avocado and chipotle mayo and I’m still thinking about them: that’s how good they were!
If you are childless then head over to Lio’s for yummy food and amazing performances.
Another fabulous place is Cappuccino, located in the Marina, offers amazing views and yummy food.
The most Instagrammable ice cream in Ibiza can be found at Vivi’s Creamery, it’s super yummy and they are so friendly to the kids.


If you want to experience everything that Ibiza has to offer then you need a car. Everything is quite spread out and taxi’s are quite expensive compared to a car rental, plus they don’t have car seats for kids.
In Ibiza there are so many beautiful beaches to discover and you’ll never get bored. We took it easy and took advantage of being close to the old city so we weren’t always driving to places. However, if your kids are older or happy in the car (Harvey hated it) I will advise you to explore as much as you can.

Here is what we saw:

The old city of Ibiza is so photogenic and reminded me a bit of Greece. Get lost in its beautiful alleys, dine under the shadow of the most beautiful bougainvillea and hike to the very top for breathtaking views.
SPOILER: this place is super Instagrammable, dress accordingly haha!
We booked an amazing 3 seater sun bed for a day of leasure at this beautiful beach and loved it. However keep in mind that, if you book a sun bed, you won’t be allowed to eat at their restaurant and you must eat at your bed. There is no minimum spending and the beds are 50 euro plus the food. To be honest, I would recommend just heading to their bar for a drink or booking the restaurant as we paid a fortune for just a few hours. If you are spending a whole day and evening there then it’s different.
This is a must but I will tell you more in another post!
Ibiza with kids is absolutely doable, just avoid the peak of the season (July and August) and look for a family friendly accommodation. I’m sure you will love this place as much as we did and I promise you’ll forget all the tantrums once you are back home!

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