Lemon twinning in Apricale, a must see in Liguria

My idea of holiday is to see as much as my eyes possibly can: that’s why I I consider myself a “restless traveller” ; dozing off on a beach for stretches longer than a couple of hours has never really charmed me. Prior to having kids, every time me and Charles would visit Liguria, we would embark on several day trips either within the region or crossing the French border to adventure in the vibrant Cote d’Azur.Now, as I honestly explained here, we had no choice but to drastically amend our “holiday vision” adjusting it to the needs of our two little rascals. That being said, we didn’t give up completely our “explorations” and, despite the roasting temperature, we ventured in Apricale for a few hours.

Apricale is a medieval village immersed in the Mediterranean maquis which was the first in Liguria to be given independence in 1267. The name Apricale in latin means “exposed to the sunlight” and, I imagine, that’s because of the way the sunlight bounces between the narrow streets and its endless arches, creating a gorgeous visual effect.The atmosphere is a bit spooky (I wouldn’t really enjoy a walk trough those narrow alleys in the nighttime) but, at the same time, it is extremely captivating. While walking there (or better hiking as everything is so steep) you will have the feeling of being thrown back to another era and you’ll breath a sense of history from every corner.




We walked all the way to the main square: there we stopped and ate some ice cream while Catherine was busy making new friends. As it was extremely hot and we literally had to carry the buggy by hand, we didn’t make it to the top where the Castle is located: a good reason to go back and explore a little more.

Apricale is really worth a visit but I will advice to hold off if your children still need a buggy: the pavement is made out of uneven stones, the stairs and the paths are extremely steep so unless your children are happy in a sling it’s not a good idea. We weren’t aware about that (we didn’t research too much as usual) and we were literally melting under the summer heat: looking on the bright side we burnt a lot of calories so no guilty feeling about the tons of ice cream we consumed on the piazza!


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