Pastel hues in Laigueglia: a gem on the Ligurian sea

Laigueglia is a little gem which is still relatively unknown to tourists, I say relatively as this year I have noticed a massive increase in the number of foreigners that have chosen this little town as their holiday destination. The architecture is similar to its neighbouring Alassio however it’s more quiet and the atmosphere is more relaxed; when we are in this part of the world we never miss the opportunity to pay a wee visit to this charming place.

Laigueglia is an old fishing village with narrow alleys called “carruggi” in the local dialect and spacious beautiful squares which were once used for trading. The colourful houses seem to be built literally one on top of each other, creating a corky yet charming visual effect and giving a gracious sense of continuity. The town was constantly treatened by the Saracens invasion and every summer an interesting festival is put together to relive those moments, the festival always ends with a beautiful firework display and it is certainly worth to see.

There are plenty of things to do in Laigueglia that range from trying the local cuisine, relaxing on the sandy beaches, enjoying a little bit of shopping and, hear hear, even going on a whale watching tour!

I would surely recommend to visit Laigueglia however, if you are a bit of a restless traveller like myself, I would advice to stay there no longer than a couple of days and then move on to another village in the region.

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